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Library Ideas, LLC. In The News: Rocket Languages

March 9th 2011 
Rocket Languages is Editor’s Choice at PC Magazine
"Rocket Languages is one of the most inviting language-learning tools on the market. Of all the competing software, RocketLanguages instills the most confidence in students new to the language and culture. Its approach is a bit reminiscent of audio CDs and workbooks, but the content is tried and true..."

July 13th 2011
Orange Public Library Rocket Languages
..."One resource that is available for everyone with a OPL card is access to Rocket Languages. This is an interactive online language learning program that allows you to learn a new language at your own pace. "...

August 8th 2010
Library Powers Rocket-Fast Learning - by Vanessa Inzitari (email) 08/19/10 
..."The courses are very user-friendly and very well done," Dutta said. "You can learn key words and phrases while having fun at the same time."...

August 19th, 2010
Library Powers Rocket-Fast Learning:  Tilly Dutta, technology manager at the Westport Library, thinks the Rocket Languages program will be popular. 

December 2011
GLASGOW — "Websites that allow patrons to download music, such as Rhapsody and Napster, now have a stiff competitor — the public library."

January 2012
Rocket Languages Offers Interactive Online Language Learning
"Rocket Languages is an award-winning interactive online language learning system developed by an international company. The multifaceted system allows patrons to learn conversational language at their own pace..."